Why you should optimize your Linkedin profile

Following the drastic growth of social networking sites that are commonly known for socialization purpose, the number of professionals using LinkedIn to secure a lucrative job is tremendously rising. Though most of us have related being active on social networking site as a waste of time reading posts just for fun, the truth of the matter is that, those who are active on these sites are guaranteed to improve their marketability as job seeking individuals, hence, standing a greater chance of making valuable connections. Valuable connections usually increase the chances of landing your next lucrative job and since your LinkedIn is vital in ensuring that you secure a job position of your dreams, this article will address some reasons as to why you should optimize your LinkedIn profile?

It is more like your personal brand

Your LinkedIn profile is what mostly sells your skills to most people especially when it is more appealing to profile viewers. According to statistics, the probability of a LinkedIn profile having a large number of viewers is high thus making your LinkedIn profile stand a greater chance of attracting the right viewer. LinkedIn is usually termed as a place where you can highlight the best of the best in your resume to sell yourself to the larger job market. So there is no point of having an incomplete LinkedIn profile this is because a LinkedIn lacking important keywords or /and a LinkedIn that has a paltry network of connections, will not only put off potential employers but it will as well not achieve its main objective of generating more profile views.

It is a vital organ that adequately supports your overall social selling

Though social selling is a bit new to most of us, it is the easiest and most effective way through which you can market yourself as an expert in your chosen field to the entire World. Much of the Social selling success comes from building a strong reputation as an expert in your field. By optimizing your LinkedIn profile, you are sure to improve your social selling to the world. A well-crafted LinkedIn profile has greater chances of triggering a response from potential employers.

Your LinkedIn is just like your resume

Most people get the chance of showcasing their talents and potential to the World through their LinkedIn profile. Recommendations being among the greatest factors facilitating hiring, having an optimized LinkedIn profile ensures that you stand a greater chance of getting positive responses or recommendations from your past employers. In addition to this, recommendations as we all know, they adequately prove that our skills are legitimate hence increasing the chances of getting hired for a particular position matching specific skills.

To showcase your newest skills or newest jobs in case of a company

Updating your LinkedIn profile helps an individual to inform the larger population of additional skills, achievements or qualifications achieved, hence, increasing chances of getting hired by potential employers. In case of a company, updating the LinkedIn profile assists in showcasing available job vacancies to the large market of job seeking individuals. This makes the company stand a greater probability of getting an individual who best suits the available job position. Moreover, having your LinkedIn profile also updated helps in growing your e-commerce business.

To ensure you appear in LinkedIn search results

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile ensures that you are discoverable during LinkedIn searches. Usually, LinkedIn searches algorithm filter profiles by relevance; the search algorithms seek and display the results in the following order:

  1. 100% complete profile
  2. Shared connections/ connections that you have in common
  3. The degree of connections (first, second and third degree)
  4. Groups that you share in common with others

Bear in mind that 100% complete LinkedIn profile ensures that you are discoverable, and an incomplete profile will only do you bad since it will always be invisible when searched.

To avoid missing to secure potential opportunities

Since you are the casual observer of your LinkedIn profile, always see to it that the profile is fully completed and that it misses none of your vital information. Having a complete profile not only makes you discoverable during a search but it also ensures that you don’t miss out in securing potential opportunities.

Achieving a high Google page ranking

Google page ranking usually depends mostly on your LinkedIn profile. Though the number of stars that you have does not matter, having an incomplete LinkedIn profile page will only keep the page dormant. The page stays dormant because it receives no click since when searched via LinkedIn searches it’s not available. Having an optimized LinkedIn profile will help your page rank to be highly ranked by Google.

Appearing among the first results during an internet search

According to the internet search rule, those who actively participate in the internet by creating content are 1%, those who edit the created content are 9% and the rest 90% are pure readers. This rule gives individuals who optimize their LinkedIn profile an enormous opportunity to increase their web visibility. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile also gives potential employers multiple ways to find you easily on the internet. Moreover, it also gives them (employers and employees) compelling reasons to engage with you.

In conclusion, optimizing is the greatest step that sells your skills to the world of great opportunities and it is for this reason, optimizing your LinkedIn profile is very vital. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile not only helps you to achieve in social selling but it also ensures that you will never miss any opportunity which might result from being invisible or low Google page rankings. Lastly, always ensure that you utilize organic ways such as creating original content and sharing it with your connections, joining groups, engaging in helpful discussions and sharing relevant content also appreciating others when they share them too while optimizing your LinkedIn profile. Organic ways help to improve your visibility on LinkedIn searches.


This article was written by Pauline Lahary, from Mycvfactory.

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