TOP 5 Part-time jobs when you are a retiree

Many retirees spend more than half their lives in active employment. The retireesare therefore often exposed to a dilemma of what to do after retirement. This worry may be propelled by the lack of alternative work to utilise their time or even the desire to earn more money to supplement their retirement income. Well, here are some of the top five jobs that retirees can engage in to utilise their time well as well as earn extra dollars in income.

  1. Part time Nurse

For individuals in the medical field who have a wealth of experience, part time nursing presents an excellent opportunity for retirees. This is especially in the area of home health care with patients who require continuous presence and attention. The good news is that you do not have to work from 9 am to 5 pm. The shifts are incredibly flexible ranging from four hours to 12-hour shifts.

  1. Patient Advocate

Still in the field of home health care, retirees lacking the prerequisite skills of home nurses can work as advocates for the elderly and home patients. Their duties include preparation of meals, cleaning and bathing the elderly and the sick. However, one would be required to subscribe to yearlong courses to qualify as a patient advocate. The advocates earn an average of $30,000 to $50,000 in wages per year. Not a bad figure is it?

  1. Book-keeping

Being used to 60-hour weekly hours in busy finance offices, it may be hard for one to settle for an idle time in retirement. Small and medium size enterprises have a high demand for bookkeeping services. One could put in some few hours per day to help various firms in their locality.

However, one requires a CPA certification to engage in the provision of bookkeeping services. Demand for such services is higher in the small enterprises than large ones as they want to save costs of hiring a full-time accountant.

  1. Tax preparer

For a retiring CPA with a wealth of experience in taxation and accounting, preparation of tax offers an ideal opportunity for retirees. The demand for such tax preparation services ranges from friends, family to the local enterprises. Additionally, the retiree can access seasonal work from accounting and auditing firms during the January-April High season. Though being a CPA is desirable for tax preparation, one does not have to be one. A preparer of tax identification Pin is the only prerequisite required to prepare tax returns in the USA.

  1. Tutoring

Tough economic times have witnessed increased unemployment and declining budget allocations for government schools. The demand for part-time tutors is therefore on the rise as public schools seeks to compensate for the demand for labour with non-pensionable employees. Additionally, the retiree can act as tutor for students preparing for high school and college tests. Careers teachers and lecturers are better suited for this role given their wealth of experience and contacts in their former schools.


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