The best jobs to have when it’s Heatwave

It’s a common fact that the right working environment motivates and optimises employees performance. An office job may be ideal during the spring or autumn, however, imagine wearing a suit and tie when the temperature is scaling up to 35 degrees Celsius. The reality is it would be a gruelling experience hanging in an office on such a hot day.

mycvfactory-cv-designHere are the best jobs to have when it’s a heat wave.

  1. Ice cream Researcher

Nothing tastes better than an ice cream on a sunny day. Now imagine making a living from sampling various types of ice creams across a beach or city streets. This is the life of an ice cream researcher, and it gets to be more fun during a heat wave. You get to sample dozens of ice cream brands for both thetaste and quality from many ice cream dealers selling to the public. The downturn of the job is that you may take so much ice cream till you no longer want more.

  1. Surfing Instructor

Get to cool from the hot weather during the heat wave is one thing, but earning income from undertaking surfing lessons is another one. As a surfing instructor, you get to enjoy both at the same time. The more pleasing aspect is that you get a wetsuitthat dries pretty fast in the hot weather. Additionally, they are more persons surfing in hot weather than in cold weather translating into more income.

  1. Flower Fridge managers and employees

Different varieties of flowers are imported from various locations in the world. Flowers require maintenance of temperature between four and six degrees to preserve their quality. The employees of flower fridges regularly check the condition of the flowers. They employees are therefore exposed to the cool environment inside the firm and warm conditions outside. Having the blend of both climates is a pleasant experience. Additionally, flower customers are usually happy people; this makes the job more fun.

  1. Coordinators of musical tours and Festivals

The majority of persons would prefer attending musical festivals in warm or even hot conditions rather than chilling winters. Artists organise the majority of their concerts during this period of the year. As a music and tour coordinator, one has the chance to interact with their stars that they idolise. Additionally, they can put on loose clothes complementing the hot weather. The downside is that you may occasionally get dehydrated as well as carry heavy equipment in the warm weather.

  1. Sea life keeper

Few things are more fun than rushing to the beach and swimming on a hot sunny day. However, getting to swim with the sea lions and dolphins is a rare experience. This job description fits the role of a Sea life keeper whose job is to protect sea life.And this job requires close interaction with these magical creatures. The splash of the water by water lions and the jets of water from the dolphins makes this job an admirable one in the hot temperatures.

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