Original resume: will it hurt or help?


Modern technologies have enhanced the way job seekers craft and present their resumes to potential employers. On the other hand, hiring managers examine hundreds and thousands of CVs for the same job post. The question is: Will your original resume hurt or help? The sole purpose of creating a resume is to sell your expertise to the potential hiring manager. That original resume may get you the job at one company or find its way to the hiring manager’s trash can at another.

Here is how your original resume will help

Keep it simple, accurate and detailed: Let your original resume communicate to the potential employer directly. Make it easy to read and answer the job description in a more precise manner that satisfies the hiring manager. The information in your resume must be original and appeal to the vast job managers who may be tired, bored or frustrated.

Use the Goldilocks principle to guide you when crafting the resume. Your resume should contain just enough information. Do not stuff your ingenious resume with a plethora of unnecessary details. The brevity of your resume must answer all the important aspects of the job description exactly. The most imperative feature of any resume is making it simple, easy to read while selling yourself appropriately.

Your resume should speak to the employer about yourself in less than 20 seconds. The job manager should find the exact information he/she seeks before reading to the end of the first page of your resume. Having a great hook is a bad idea since some managers may not even have the time to go through your resume to the end.

Why your original resume will hurt

It’s not customized: More than 40 percent of hiring managers say the most prevalent mistake job candidates make is to include information not intended for the job post. Any time you apply for a job, go through your resume and alter the summary. Make your summary company specific to reflect the impact and changes you intend to bring to the company. Understand the job position and only include skills that are relevant to that post.

It lacks the appeal managers desire to see. Making a job application to the creative industries requires one to express his/her skills on a resume. Using an original resume in such a field will cause more harm than help. Therefore, it is mandatory to understand the target industry before creating your resume.

Asking whether your resume will hurt or help depends on many vital aspects of a resume and its targeted job. Keeping it simple and accurate with detailed information read in the first 20 seconds increases your chance of winning the job.

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