How to prepare for an interview?

For some, job interviews are the stuff of nightmares. Many a friend has complained t be about the sleepless nights they’ve endured before job interviews, but honestly? Job interviews are not as daunting as they may first appear.

There are many simple things you can do before entering a job interview that will boost your chances of landing that job and ease your nerves. First and most vital is: do your research! Despite how basic and simple this is to do, you would be surprised at he number of job candidates who fail to conduct proper, thorough research into the company where they want to work.

Research doesn’t mean simply google-ing the company and half-heartedly skimming a few articles. It means reading in depth about the origins and background of the company, what and who their target market is, and what they want to achieve with their company. It also doesn’t hurt to check out the LinkedIn profiles of the heads of the companies – you may find out you share two share some things in common, like the same hometown, education, or even a shared language. Slipping these facts into the interview make you more appealing and attractive as a job candidate, and demonstrating in-depth knowledge of the company lets the interviewer now that you are serious about working with them and you are fully committed.

It might seem presumptuous to have a salary in mind before even getting the job, but if the interview goes well, you have to be prepared. If the interviewer is interested in a candidate, they might want to talk numbers right off the bat, so it’s a good idea to have a rough idea of a standard salary.

So you’ve done all your pre-interview preparation. Now what? Obviously, dress smartly and appropriately. What kind of company are you applying for? If it’s a young, trendy start-up, perhaps go for a more smart-casual look. If it’s a law firm or business firm, stick with a black suit, a tried and true classic.

As the day of the interview arrives, go to bed early, clear you head and try to get a good night’s sleep. Wake up early, have a healthy breakfast and make sure to get to your interview early. Remember – 20 minutes early is better than 5 minutes late! Showing up early is a time of respect and always viewed positively by companies. As you sit and wait in the foyer, be polite and smile at everyone. Chat to the secretary or the person making coffee. It’s always ideal to leave a good impression on the other employees.

When the interview starts, make a good first impression by smiling, making eye contact and shaking hands. Be aware of your body language during the interview and make sure you seem interested by leaning in. Do not zone out or look out the window, as the interviewer should be receiving 100% of your attention. Come prepared, and have 2-3 copies of your resume printed out just in case your interviewer would like them. Take an active role in your interview by being proactive and asking questions. This demonstrates that you take initiative and have a genuine interest in being part of their team.

When the interview is over, thank everyone for his or her time, then head home and start writing a thank you note to the company. Try to send it out within one business day, and try to make it personal, alluding to topics you covered in the interview.

There you have it! Follow these tips and your next interview will be a breeze.

This article was written by Charlotte of JingJobs.

Charlotte is the editor of, a job platform and digital magazine matching young bilingual jobseekers with internships and graduate opportunities in China.

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