Top 5 Ideas to Ask for a Salary Increase

When people feel are getting low pay, they commonly make strategic mistakes in resolving the problem. Approaching your employer for a salary increase is tricky and may end up unsuccessful especially when done inappropriately. More than often, new workers cannot help accepting underpay. They take the offer but after working for years, they see the


Linkedin Profile

Discover our Linkedin Profile Resume You’re a Social Media lover? This CV will be the perfect fit for your profile & background. It will fit recruiters’ expectations. Please make sure to insert your objectives, your profile, years of experience, a GREAT profile picture, your references. AND…a link to your real Linkedin profile.


American Resumes vs European CVs

Whenever you decide to begin an international job search, your success depends on understanding the cultures you hope to work within. If you want to work in Dubai, for example, you need to understand their interview process and the documents they expect to receive. The same is true for professional documentation. In Europe and many

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