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The 3-step process to creating your international profile

“What do you do?”

The small talk question we all hate so much.

We may hate it, but the way we answer can lead to new opportunities. Even if you don’t have a job right now, I bet you know how to present yourself in a few words. Well, at least in your mother tongue.

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Why Action is KEY

“Action is the foundational key to all success.” Those were the famous words of Pablo Picasso, the great Spanish painter and sculptor. Successful businesses never go wrong with their strategies, but fail to take the most appropriate action during execution. More often you hear business leaders say, “Strategy is results.” Consequently, the strategy has no meaningful impact so long as you see results.

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5 Must have characteristics for Entrepreneurs

Commencing and smoothly running a successful business as a small business entrepreneur has become very popular. Most victors have identified and mastered the keys to early success. Among the vital and most important skill is to understand the perfect combination of must-have characteristics for business success. The few and globally renowned business champs have unique traits and a way of doing things. Here are some of their most admired characteristics:

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Original resume: will it hurt or help?


Modern technologies have enhanced the way job seekers craft and present their resumes to potential employers. On the other hand, hiring managers examine hundreds and thousands of CVs for the same job post. The question is: Will your original resume hurt or help? The sole purpose of creating a resume is to sell your expertise to the potential hiring manager. That original resume may get you the job at one company or find its way to the hiring manager’s trash can at another.

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The Hot Skills You Should Have To Get a Job Instantly

Enhancing your prowess in a particular area requires a certain set of skills and knowledge. However, some individuals have special talents that earn them jobs instantly. Talk of celebrities who are busy doing commercials. The world we currently live in is very competitive and to stand out, individuals ought to have these hot skills and many more:

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How to prepare for an interview?

For some, job interviews are the stuff of nightmares. Many a friend has complained t be about the sleepless nights they’ve endured before job interviews, but honestly? Job interviews are not as daunting as they may first appear.

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Why you should optimize your Linkedin profile

Following the drastic growth of social networking sites that are commonly known for socialization purpose, the number of professionals using LinkedIn to secure a lucrative job is tremendously rising. Though most of us have related being active on social networking site as a waste of time reading posts just for fun, the truth of the matter is that, those who are active on these sites are guaranteed to improve their marketability as job seeking individuals, hence, standing a greater chance of making valuable connections. Valuable connections usually increase the chances of landing your next lucrative job and since your LinkedIn is vital in ensuring that you secure a job position of your dreams, this article will address some reasons as to why you should optimize your LinkedIn profile?

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5 resume rules you should break (USA)

There are many things that recruiters, HRs, and hiring managers require a candidate to consider while writing a resume. However, there are some other things that professionals might recommend that can be ignored when it comes to writing a resume. Usually, much of what a job seeker should write in the resume depends on the uniqueness of the situation. Most job seekers ask what to include or to abandon in their resume based on what they know but according to the national resume writers’ Association (NRWA) there are numerous things that one should consider while a dilemma in resume writing arises. Though things to consider while writing a good resume depend on the situation at hand, as a job applicant, you should consider your employer’s perspective and the audience you wish to address.

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TOP 5 Part-time jobs when you are a retiree

Many retirees spend more than half their lives in active employment. The retireesare therefore often exposed to a dilemma of what to do after retirement. This worry may be propelled by the lack of alternative work to utilise their time or even the desire to earn more money to supplement their retirement income. Well, here are some of the top five jobs that retirees can engage in to utilise their time well as well as earn extra dollars in income.

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The best jobs to have when it’s Heatwave

It’s a common fact that the right working environment motivates and optimises employees performance. An office job may be ideal during the spring or autumn, however, imagine wearing a suit and tie when the temperature is scaling up to 35 degrees Celsius. The reality is it would be a gruelling experience hanging in an office on such a hot day.

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A short resume: Yes but how?

What makes one achieve a standard CV format? Have you ever had a hard time in writing a short resume? You could be aspiring to write a short resume but the method to use seems quite difficult or rather impossible to figure out. A resume is an important means of advancement when it comes to getting a job. Here are vital guidelines that will enable you to write a short and impressive resume listed below:

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5 advice for a coherent and brilliant resume

A resume format can be flexible according to the employer’s expectations and the job seeker’s qualification, but care must be taken to not blow things out of proportion. It is; therefore, highly recommended to refer to as many resume samples from the internet to come up with a perfect mix of design and material.

We must accept the dose of reality that people who land good jobs should have the best or even perfect resumes. The human resource team or panel that recruits personnel in an organization look for people with appealing resumes that are not only well presented but also well backed up.

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Top 5 Ideas to Ask for a Salary Increase

When people feel are getting low pay, they commonly make strategic mistakes in resolving the problem. Approaching your employer for a salary increase is tricky and may end up unsuccessful especially when done inappropriately. More than often, new workers cannot help accepting underpay. They take the offer but after working for years, they see the salary is not satisfactory. The big question is, how can one ask for a pay rise effectively?

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The Importance of Internships

The modern economy has globalized, meaning the scramble and competition for lucrative jobs is rising by the day. Perhaps you may wonder why some companies outsource jobs to foreign nations and abandon their home grown talent. The reason is very clear; every firm wants to get the best employees in the world. Attending college or university and passing exams is an important endeavor, but only internships separate the good from the great. Attending college student internship links your classroom experience to the practical world. That is being said, an internship serves as a resume builder.

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HR Innovation: help your friends get hired!

It’s time to make things move in the HR industry and think about new ideas to hire more easily. That’s what Refer Me Please is about. Let’s discover this FAB concept!

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 The keywords to insert in your resume to get noticed

  1. Avoid cliché words

The job seeker should make sure that they limit the number of reused words so as to make the human resource manager to continue reading the resume to the end. Most hiring officers do not read CV to completion especially when they find them not interesting.

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Why LinkedIn Networking is Key

Many people look at networking as something that isn’t all that important. After all, you can just apply to the job right? All those jobs are posted online right? So all I have to do is just keep an eye on the websites for the company or just general sites for job seekers. But, unfortunately, that’s not the case at all. You have to make sure that you are networking because of one extremely important fact.

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Linkedin Profile

Discover our Linkedin Profile Resume

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It will fit recruiters’ expectations. Please make sure to insert your objectives, your profile, years of experience, a GREAT profile picture, your references. AND…a link to your real Linkedin profile.

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